Sunday, February 3, 2013

Crazy Busy but Crazy Happy

It's been a bit since I've been blogging, for several reasons.  First of all, I've been crazy busy.  Second of all, I needed to replace the battery in my laptop because it was old and sad.  And it's very difficult to blog on a phone.  But now I have a new battery and it's back to blogging!

This new beginning to this year has been very busy.  First of all, it took us longer than expected to go back to Flagstaff over the break.  So that was stressful, and then coming back to school was stressful.  The kids were just starting to settle back down when we put them all topsy-turvy again by taking them out on field trips.

Let me just say, even when your kids are wonderfully, fabulously behaved, it is still enormously hard and stressful to look after 120 ten and eleven year olds.  And they are lovely children who still manage to give me huge headaches.  I guess they wouldn't be children if they weren't a little tough.  Having said that, I know that adults often cause more headaches than children.  If you don't believe me, just ask any of us teachers about parents meetings, hahaha.

Moving past field trips, I've still been very busy with school.  The week after field trips, grades were due and the grading period ended.  Yikes.  The week after that, I kicked it into high gear.  AIMS is coming up in April.  Even though there's quite some time yet until April, it's never as much as you really think.  So we are BUSY learning things and practicing things and perfecting things.  The kids are doing great, though, and we had an awesome week last week.  Honestly, I think part of it was that I took the whole weekend off from work and didn't grade anything.  I did a lot of reading and exercising and spending social time with friends and loved ones.  Fandiddlytastic.

The last thing that is making right now super busy is that my spectacularly wonderful cousin got married this past weekend (or should I just say yesterday?)!  It was an absolutely gorgeous ceremony and reception, and I honestly felt that everything truly reflected the bride and groom.  The vows were touching, sincere, and beautiful, the dress was unique and elegant, and the cake was om-nom-nommy!  I kept saying this but it was completely true: I cried more at her wedding than I did at my own wedding!  Yes, I was trying to really keep it in on my own wedding day and yes, I do just have random crying spurts when I think too deeply about how much I love my husband, but it was just. . .magical and spiritual and moving and powerful watching them join their lives.  Tears galore.

What I realized this weekend, watching my cousin get married, catching up with friends and relatives, and then heading home today, was that I am so happy to be where I am.  I like a good adventure, but mostly I am happy in a small, settled life.  My life is small, but it is not uninteresting and meaningless.  Merely because I am not a constant globe-trekker and enjoy the simple life doesn't mean my life is lame or boring.  One class period alone can be more exciting and interesting than some people's whole week of work.  Not to be crass or anything, I'm not trying to compete or one-up anyone, but I am just saying that I am. . .contented.  Satisfied.

I am a happy person.  I love my husband, I love my home, I love my job, I love my friends, I love my city, I just love my whole life.  The nice thing too, though, is that I am always thinking of new fun things to do and new adventures to have and new things to learn.  I'm so glad I can realize this and say all this and be genuinely happy.

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