Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fall is Here!

Fall is officially here!  Whether I want it to be or not.  Confession: fall is my favorite season.  Further confession: I am only okay with cold if I want it to be cold.  Translation:  I'm so ready for pumpkin-flavored desserts but not ready to give up my sandals, yet.  So, to get in the mood, I've done several things:

#1.  Fall-flavored candles.  Mmmmmmmmmm.  There's just something about your home smelling appropriate for the season that makes you feel so comfy and happy.

#2:  Make-up neutrals.  Further, further confession:  I have been lurking a new subreddit the past couple of days -- MakeUpAddiction.  I have decided that I want to experiment more and see if I can't look a little nicer.  I'm a little lighter on my feet, I've been experimenting with my hair (not as much as I should, though), and now I want to experiment with my make-up.  So I bought some nice neutral eyeshadow shades and a nice light pink lipstick and I'm just going for it!

#3.  Breaking out the scarves.  Oh, how I've missed them.  It's so much easier to add a scarf for that pop of color than some jewelry.  Which is awesome because I've been waaaaaaaaaaay too lazy to deal with jewelry.  For some odd reason, a scarf is much easier.  And warmer.  Fridays are get-up-at-4:45 days, and these days the weather is just a little bit more than brisk.  Scarves make my neck happy.

#4.  My husband has started layering again.  And he won't appreciate this, but it's hilarious to see him in his long johns.  And definitely adorable.

#5.  I'm totally making pumpkin bread and muffins right now.  And I didn't use a mix.  What what.  I don't know if this is going to turn out, but this is new for me to not use a mix.

#6.  Last but not least, fall is the perfect season for baths.  Baths (and the gym) are my ultimate ways to relax, and it's hard to relax in a hot tub when it's also hot outside.  Now, a warm bath is the perfect way to warm up the whole body and soul.  Pair it with a great glass of wine and a fabulous book, and the ultimate remedy for a tough week.

Enjoying fall on a day off, doing absolutely no work -- ahhhhhhh, that's the stuff.  Next week, it's time for a trip to Sedona, a visit from some old friends, and a reread of my favorite book.  I try to do it the same time every year.  I can't wait for that.  But first, it's time to try these muffins!  (No, I did not take that picture.)