Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hey Wow, It's July Already!

Is it sad that I'm actually looking forward to the bitterly cold, gale-force winds of November in Flagstaff?

I thought I moved away from the literal hotbed of Arizona in order to enjoy a cooler clime where sweat was a mere figment of the imagination.  THINK AGAIN.  It is incredible how hot it can get in Flagstaff.  And there's at least two more months until it starts to get cool again.  I mean, yes, when it's hot, it's 86 instead of 120, but still!  This is kind of outrageous.  Maybe I'm just in a combative mood with the weather because I'm sipping a hot drink at the coffeeshop, but I kid you not when I discuss the overbearing nature of this heat.

Fortunately, Flagstaff has one thing in its favor most days that Phoenix definitely does not: clouds.  As I sit here, beautiful plumes scud across the sky.  Have you ever noticed that only clouds scud?  Nothing else ever does.  Clouds also wander.  Apparently, they have quite a personality.  Whatever their anthropomorphic qualities, they make me happy.  And they make the scene so much more pleasant.  I am thinking of rewarding myself for this week (which is going to be long and tough, I am sure), with a creek trip on Saturday.  Wouldn't that be nice.

There's so much to look forward to in July.  I get a paycheck (isn't that nice).  I get infinitely more practice driving stick shift.  (Coincidentally, I drove all around Flagstaff yesterday with my best friend, to both of my work places for July, to the library, everywhere, and I DIDN'T KILL US.  Yes, in fact, we even got up to like 45 mph.  There may have even been a curb incident, but like I said, witness the two of us distinctly alive today.  I consider that a triumph of the highest order.)  I get to start training for my new teaching job (ohmygiddygoodnessI'msoexcited!).  I'm going to get a haircut (you have no idea how much I've been needing a haircut and haven't been able to get one).  I'm going to get some flower baskets to put on our back porch, and maybe some things to eat someday.  I get to catch up with old friends before school starts.  And, perhaps most importantly, THE OLYMPICS START ON MY BIRTHDAY.  Is there any greater birthday present than fireworks in London and incredibly jingoistic portrayals of national fervor and competition??  NO, there is not.

Ooh, and right after school starts is me and the man's two year anniversary of starting to date and he promised to take me to a really nice restaurant for dinner.  I'mma gonna dress up all fahncy and order me some classy wine and say things like, "Oh my!  What a delightful bouquet of fromagian splendour!"

Still, most of all, I'm grateful and happy to have such a great husband.  I am going to gush about this as long as is humanly possible.  Some of you may know that I had to go to the emergency room recently.  I was having chest pains, shortness of breath, dizzy spells, and I almost fainted earlier that afternoon.  We felt it was a case of better safe than sorry, so we packed up and headed out to the emergency room. This man not only held my hand all night and told me stories of when his little brother stabbed him in the thigh with a fork, but he giggled at the next-bed crazy right along with me.

In case you have never been to the emergency room around midnight, I will tell you what kinds of shenanigans go on there.  In one bed you have a man so wasted they called an ambulance for him at the bar and he keeps barking "Don't touch me!" to the nurses who are trying to take out his IV.  In the other bed, you have a woman who has broken her L1 vertebrae (god we were bored), and in the course of the various conversations spanning three hours managed to discuss at length how her mother did not in fact commit suicide (she had goals), but her father most likely murdered her mother and then staged it as a suicide.  And then started playing a Justin Bieber documentary on her phone.  Fortunately, unlike either of those folks, there was nothing actually wrong with me so after three grueling hours of listening to crazy, we got to go home.

Best of all, we now have a beautiful x-ray on our refrigerator.

Ahhhh, the magical days of summer.

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