Saturday, June 9, 2012


Here it is and we are fast approaching the one-month mark of moving up from the insanity of the Valley.


All in all, I think we're having a good time.  It is so nice to be living on our own.  We have the most adorable little apartment.  The crown jewel of our little living space is our couch -- a Lovesac giant that takes up all the space in our tiny living room but is just the best couch ever!  The first week up here, every afternoon I would do nothing but nap on that thing.  We have our beautiful new, classy black slipcovers and our homemade purple afghan (courtesy of Rose's Crochet Creations) which compliments it perfectly. It's finally feeling very homey -- I put up all my pictures and my books and my knicknacks.  The boy has set up all his games and technology and connected up the Internet, so he's pretty happy.  I love our bedset, too. . .when I get it with all the big pillows on their it feels so nice and comfy!  It's nice to have a snuggle buddy, too, hee hee hee.

Perhaps my favorite thing about our apartment, in terms of decorating, is our bathroom.  We got kiddy-themed decorations and they really put a smile on my face.  We have this cute shower curtain that has cartoon, brightly colored sea animals all over it with matching soap and toothbrush holders and curtain hangers.  It just makes me so happy!  I love it!  Coming home is so nice, I hardly want to leave.

The weather up here is absolutely gorgeous, too.  I do keep forgetting that it's easy to get sunburned up here, but I think I'm finally getting a nice even tan (even if it is accidental).  For like eight years I've had a farmer's tan and I might actually have evened out my shoulders with the rest of my arms.  Woot!  Sometimes it can get a bit warm, but then the gale-force wind kicks in and it gets nice and cool again.  I am waiting patiently for the clouds, however.  They'll probably come in July or August, but I'm missing them right now.  The other thing that's nice is that I get to walk so much more -- I feel like I'm actually getting a little natural exercise.  I could still use a little more, but hey.

The other exciting thing (ha) is that we spent our first month here watching the entire series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I had tried to start watching it with my mom, but we thought it was too campy.  Philip was all excited about it, so I decided to try it again with someone who had an already positive attitude towards it.  And I was well rewarded!  It was so much fun!  I really love that Joss Whedon sense of humor.  My favorite type of humor is the little slip-ins.  You know, like something hilarious going on in the background.  The funny lines that are said really dead-pan and quiet so that they're easy to miss but if you catch them you're well-rewarded.  That's kinda Buffy all over.  So it was enjoyable -- just what to watch next.  I guess it will have to be Angel.

Other than that, I am not really reading anything anybody who wants to stay conscious wants to hear about, so I will close with this:

It's adventure time!  Summer fun is just around the corner!

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