Saturday, November 3, 2012

Trial by Fire


These past two weeks have been insane.  And I know I've said that in the past, but this time. . .wow.  This past week was nice -- we worked hard, we did good stuff, we did some fun stuff, I may have caught something but it's still brewing and not in full swing so I can still kill it. . .

But last week was the week from hell.  Every day was somehow just horrible.  Thursday was the worst day possible.  I was running around all day, there was a choir rehearsal during their study period, and there were major student issues.  I was so swamped with grading I didn't know which way was up.  Somehow, Friday did not make anything better.  There was a school dance, which was very fun, but then someone stole my iPod.  So instead of getting home around 8 PM, I got home around 11 PM.

The next day, we had to get to California for a wedding, which turned out to be an experience.  On the way out, we had to fly out to Phoenix, so I woke up at 4:50 so I could do the packing I neglected to do the previous night.  Then we got held up in Phoenix for a while, so we left a little later than anticipated. Not too bad, we were still on time, but then there was a fire on the freeway we were on.  Exciting, yes. Relaxing, no.  The nice thing is that when we got there, we had a great time.

You hear so many different stories about extended families, new families, in-laws, etc., that you aren't quite sure what to expect when you get one.  I got lucky.  I got extra family I am just as happy to see and excited to be with as my "old" family.  They are lovely, wonderful, fun people and I am always thrilled to get to go out and visit with them.  Plus, there are a lot of little ones on the California side of the family, so I always get to play with them, which I love.  They are a hoot and a half.  For example: K: "I have this one friend who is a princess."  S:  "Is it my cousin?"  Hahahahaha.

In addition to which, the wedding was gorgeous.  P's cousin was getting married to his long-time girlfriend.  She looked stunning (her veil was exceptionally cute and stylish, btw), he looked very handsome, and they had wedding advice mad libs.  Oh yeah, we used the word "Led Zeppelinesque."  The ceremony itself was long enough to make you feel like you really got to experience their commitment, but short enough that everyone didn't get overheated or tired (easy to do in the surprisingly warm SoCal morning heat).  In short: perfect length.  Watching them say their vows was well worth any inconvenience in the travel department.  The wedding itself was held in a beautiful garden, overlooking a valley of fields and a big mountain/hill in the background.  There were creative photo opportunities for the guests, an easy connect to an online wedding album where we could add our photos, and a big cardboard house for the kids to color and play in.  Then, the food they served was brunch (noms!) with a donut and candy bar.  The songs were great, too.

All in all, the wedding was wonderful.  We are so happy for the new couple.  They are two amazing people and it is a blessing they found each other, and I do not use that phrase lightly.  I think they mesh really well and I'm really looking forward to having such a great new addition to the family.  I am so grateful to have such a wonderful family.

The nice thing in adversity and struggle is that when you can calm down, take a breath, and look around, you either realize that you are all alone and you have done it yourself, or that you have fabulous, supportive people surrounding you and quietly lifting you up.  I realized the latter.  I have wonderful coworkers, a supportive husband, and a kind family. Every which way I turned in these past two weeks, there was someone to help me out or give me a piece of advice or a reassuring pat on the back.  I am very thankful.  And it's not even Thanksgiving yet!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I AM SO EXCITED.  I can use all-caps here because it's silly.  When you are genuinely excited about something that matters, you need to present it with seriousness.  I'mma serious.  But no, really, I am stoked for Thanksgiving.  It is my first big holiday as a new wife, and I really don't care if my hubband doesn't particularly like Thanksgiving food, I am making a huge meal.  I love Thanksgiving food and I am making enough to feast on for several days.  I am putting my heart and soul into it and I'm waiting not so patiently.  Errrghhhh, please hurry by, next two weeks!  And then four more weeks until Winter Break!  The schoolyear is pumping along and it doesn't feel unsurmountable.  Hip hip hooray!

That is all.

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