Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's September Already!

I have a feeling this is how many of these blogs posts are going to go for the rest of this year.  Time is literally flying by.  I am very grateful.  The week doesn't seem that long when it speeds along like it has been.  I am wonderfully busy, but not so busy I feel like I can't take a breath.

Well, okay, maybe not always.  I got sick toward the end of last week (right when my laptop got a wee bit fried and my students turned in a BUNCH of stuff), so basically I've been playing catch-up all week.  However, because I've been sort of lax on them because of that this week, so I only have some basic worksheets to grade this weekend, plus it was a 3-day weekend.

With all that in mind, I decided to finally sit down and read a fun book this weekend.  Either it was an easy book or I was really excited to be reading it (I'm gonna go with really easy) because I finished it in only two sittings.  You won't be surprised anymore when you hear what it was: How to Train Your Dragon.

When I finished it, I decided to write down all the rest of the books I've been reading this summer.  I have a little book where I make sure I keep a record of all of them.  So far, this year, I've read 49 books.  This is only ONE book away from my goal for the year!  Last year, I struggled to make my goal.  I was still burnt out on school and I just couldn't seem to get my head in the game.  This year, I'm really trying to make up for lost time and learning and really read read read read.

And, extra good news, I got invited to participate in a book club!  I've only ever been in one book club before, and I must confess that I didn't actually read those books.  We read all Jane Austen, all the time, and I'd read them all before, so since I had a really tough semester, I sort of fudged a little.  Not this time, baby.  I am way too excited for this book club.

In other news, Board Game Club has it's second week this upcoming Thursday.  I am in charge of word games, and this week I am bringing Scrabble, Scrabble Slam, Apples to Apples, and Bananagrams.  That means that fun is definitely in store for this week!

So keep hanging cool.

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