Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Repurposed Library

So yesterday, between withdrawing three carts full of bodice-rippers (romance novels) and trying to find a missing book on teens in India, I found THE coolest book.  It is called The Repurposed Library:


It's a whole book full of cool projects to do with old books!

Before we go any further, I do have to get off my book snobbishness off my chest.  I adore old books.  To me, anything over a certain age should be saved simply because it's cool.  I'm a historian, cut me some slack.  The older they get, the cooler they get.  I mean, seriously, you can't make a bracelet out of the Dead Sea Scroll or a first edition of The Origin of Species.  Come one.  That's just how I see it.  These books they're using in The Repurposed Library are gorgeous, but I'm not going to do it.  I just can't do any of the crafts where you have to mutilate gorgeous old books.

Having said that, there are pa-lenty of other crafts in there, and, as I mentioned earlier, I just discarded three carts of romance novels.  In the book, there are crafts for sculptures, mobiles, lamps, bracelets, and vases even!  It's so crazy and cool! And what better way to find a home for sad old books with broken spines, water damage, or other things that render them unreadable but perfect for projects like this?

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